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还记得「洪荒之力」吗?短短一个晚上,从一句新闻回应,演变成全城热话,更登上了微博热搜榜,令游泳女将傅园慧摇身一变成了「网红」。「洪荒之力」让网民纷纷仿效,更有公司想找傅园慧当KOL(Key opinion leader)宣传自家品牌。 到底「网红」和常出现在营销推广范畴的「KOL」有何分别?




根据联合国的人口老龄化议题 - “世界人口老龄化:1950-2050”可知,从2000年到2050年,全球老龄人口(指年龄超过60岁的老年人)预计将翻倍,从现在的10 %上升到22% - 差不多等于儿童人口(指14岁以下小孩)所占比例这个历史性的人口统计结果 - 从高出生率,高死亡率到低出生率,低死亡率 - 将使全世界老年人和儿童的比例第一次相等。

With 139 million daily users, Weibo is one of China’s largest social media platforms, making it the most competitive digital marketing platform for brands seeking to penetrate the Chinese market and reach out to their target consumers. Perhaps, you are already intending to jump on...

Among all the popular social messaging platforms around the world, there are only few that have managed to gather hundreds of millions of users. There are QQ, Facebook Messenger and WeChat that have gained more than 500 million users worldwide. But in China, most of...

When Facebook is out, Weibo is in; when Whatsapp and Line are not feeling well in China, WeChat is escalating fast. China's internet is another world, you may need some advice before advancing this emerging market. This is the mostly asked question by the ones who...